Michael Ingre – University of Stockholm

Michael Ingre works at the Department of Psychology at the University of Stockholm. Recently, he started working as a writer for WriteMyEssayToday.us.

Why did the author of multiple scientific articles and the participant of numerous conferences choose such a path? Let’s find out!

Love for Psychology

From a very young age, a little Swedish boy showed an undeniable addiction to psychology. Later he described three stages of his decision to start studying this science:

For myself

Firstly the study of psychology is aimed at knowing yourself – self-knowledge, to understand your hidden qualities, to clarify your strange actions and emotions that are open to everyone.

Secondly, to understand their inclinations, abilities, motives in order to live in accordance with them and finally get pleasure from everyday life.

Thirdly, studying psychology is useful because it helps you be honest with yourself. And boldly answer the question “Why am/did I …?” and then you can substitute various endings, for example, “get upset,” “laugh,” “get angry,” “thoughtful,” “lazy,” “open up,” “burst into tears,” “become more active,” “amuse,” etc.

Can someone do it alone? It is possible but very difficult and very time-consuming. It is much easier in a group of similar seekers of truth about themselves.

And, the last, studying psychology gives confidence. Moreover, confidence is not external, most often temporary, which can be worked out on special training, although this often looks like self-confidence. You will gain a strong inner feeling that gives you spontaneity in your behavior, thinking, and expressing emotions.

For the Family

Studying psychology is useful for improving family relationships. On top of that, studying the psychology of child development, you involuntarily recall your childhood, the behavior and emotions of children become understandable. You get the opportunity to enjoy your past.

By getting to know more about gender psychology, you will begin to understand the difference in behavior and thinking between men and women. Eventually, you become more tolerant of your loved ones.

All tensions in family relations are made up of misunderstanding, non-speaking, mistrust of oneself, and others. It is hard to understand something, to trust yourself and others. Psychology gives the potential for family relationships.

For work

Work is a crucial thing, and we spend a lot of time on it. But if you understand the simple truth that a person does not want to work, then the attitude to it must be changed.

Studying psychology helps you understand your individual abilities and relate them to the requirements of the workplace you are taking. It’s never too late to change something: either the job or the attitude towards it. Finding your place in this life is the sacred duty of every person.

Through studying psychology, you will gain knowledge on how to control your life.

According to Michael, exactly the last point made up his mind to start working at the University of Stockholm. As a result, now he is one of the best specialists in this area and probably the best writer at the Writemyessaytoday.us.

His customers almost never complain about the quality of the written papers, and that’s not surprising. Just take a look at the list of his scientific articles:

  • Subjective sleepiness, simulated driving performance, and blink duration: examining individual differences (2006)
  • Justify your alpha (2018)
  • Effects of acutely displaced sleep on testosterone (2005)
  • Disturbed sleep in shift workers, day workers, and insomniacs (2008)
  • Subjective sleepiness and accident risk avoiding the ecological fallacy (2006)
  • Sleepiness and performance in response to repeated sleep restriction and subsequent recovery during semi‐laboratory conditions (2008)
  • Sleep, physical activity and BMI in six to ten-year-old children measured by accelerometry: a cross-sectional study (2013)
  • Beauty sleep: experimental study on the perceived health and attractiveness of sleep deprived people (2010)
  • Reaction of sleepiness indicators to partial sleep deprivation, time of day and time on task in a driving simulator–the DROWSI project (2010)
  • Sleep after mobile phone exposure in subjects with mobile phone‐related symptoms (2011)

What’s more, Michael Ingre is a constant participant of various conferences:

  • Bus drivers’ working hours and their effects on sleep and fatigue (2014)
  • Driving while fatigued in slippery road conditions – a neglected issue (2014)
  • What characterizes good and bad shift schedules? (2013)

Do you know what really impress his students? The number that indicates how many times his works were cited. At the time of writing, this number is 2564. Since 2015 his works have been cited more than 1500 times.

Why exactly Writemyessaytoday.us?

Many wonder why a successful scientist started helping students cover their academic tasks.

The answer is simple – he just found a new niche for progress.

There are a lot of services in a similar direction. At first, he worked for several of them. Having compared, Micheal gave his preference to the site Writemyessaytoday.

“It is convenient to work here – a simple and functional interface, a large number of orders, hassle-free, multivariate withdrawal of funds. As a result, I’m just comfortable here, and I want to work. I think the popularity of the service will only grow further. There are no problems! On the other hand, there is actually one – how to increase work productivity in order to get more done,” Ingre says.

He also added:

“The site team resolves any issues that arise very quickly because the staff is always online. The support service always patiently explains how to solve a particular problem.

The interface for the contractor is well thought out, a convenient search for orders works. I receive the earned money quickly and without delay – at the latest – within a day. That is why the site is developing; there are more and more interesting orders!”

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Michael concluded.